Currently sustainability assessment of bio-based products production is limited to production and processing of biomass, the conversion of biomass into bio-based products and after the use phase recirculation schemes are absent. The EoL is not covered sufficiently. In this sense, although there are mainly sustainability indicators that cover the production of biomass and its processing to bio-based products, there is a gap on considering the EoL aspects of bio-based products production. In addition, existing frameworks do not address resource efficiency, functionality and the production of value-added products from the original biomass in biorefinery scenarios as well as re-circulation of used products as feedstocks to produce new bio-based products.

The presentation is an introduction about the adoption of life-cycle methodologies to measure environmental, techno-economic and social impacts of bio-based products taking into consideration the above mentioned gaps, based on the work performed along with the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, AUA. It has been presented during the ISWA World Congress in Bilbao, 7th-9th 2019.


You can download the .pdf file on your computer here