“Green points” – recycling centers is a new project for the Greek society which tries to boost national recycling levels.

At a green point, the public can dispose the recyclable materials, separately collected, such as paper, glass, metals, plastics, textiles, edible oils etc. to be subsequently promoted for recycling. The project involves creating a network from the beginning: locating suitable sites, designing and dimensioning the centers until collection and management of the collected recyclable materials. Collaborative with recycling is important to reinforce and re-use. The development of reusable materials centers combined with green points are integrated approaches to sustainable resource and waste management. In a reuse center, “defective materials” are collected, classified, creatively modified, repaired and then re-made available to the public.

At Qgreen we provide technical consultancy services for the study, design and licensing of recycling and reuse centers with the help of dedicated partners.